Season 1, Episode 2
Air Date

September 21, 2001


Michelle Listenbee Brown


Douglas McCarthy

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"Strike" is the second episode in season 1 of The Proud Family. It first aired on September 21, 2001, along with "Rumors".


Penny and her friends feel like they are not getting enough money to do whatever they want to do, so they go on strike.

Episode Summary

All Penny needs to do is clean up her room, but Oscar tells Penny to clean up the whole house. But she only gets her normal pay: five dollars. But five dollars isn't enough to see a movie with her friends. Because of this, Penny feels unappreciated...and underpaid. All of her friends feel the same way. So she and her friends decide they want grown-up money for grown-up work. To get their way, they "must" go on strike. No chores until they get a better bigger allowance pay! But because of that...they all get kicked out of their house. They'll do everything they can get get a raise of allowance. But slowly the strikers stop protesting and go back home. But Penny will not give up hope...even when there is no one left but her.

Memorable Quotes

Penny: What do we want?
Kids: More money!
Penny: How do we want it?
Kids: In cash!

Penny: How do they expect me to act like a grownup on this little bit of money they give me?
Dejonay: I don't even get the little, just the bit.
Lacieniga: I hear that, I can't do anything on the 50 my parents give me.
Penny: Fifty cents? I guess I shouldn't feel too bad.
Lacieniga: That's fifty dollars, Penny Pincher.

Trudy: Oscar, I'm worried about Penny, she might catch cold out there.
Oscar: She'd be catching more than that if she were in here, telling me, "I'm not doing my chores," I brought her into this world...
Trudy: Wait just a minute, I brought her into this world, and I want her back in this house!



  • This episode marks the first appearance of Wizard Kelly.
  • This episode was the sixth episode to be produced, but it aired second.


  • When the Gross Sisters are taking Zoey's money, her outfit switches back and forth between her theater one and her regular one between shots.

Cultural References

  • LaCienega: Forget about Sticky Wonder!
    • Stevie Wonder is a famous singer who plays the harmonica.
  • Penny: Let's go golfing and get our Tiger Woods on!
    • Tiger Woods is a famous professional golfer.