Reuben Parker is the wealthy uncle of Penny Proud and is the brother Trudy. He is a very intelligent businessman who is well manned and doesn't talk like a gangster. As he arrived with his family for BeBe and CeCe's baptism, he unlike the other Parker's was friendly to Oscar when he brings him and Dr. Vincent Parker outside to show him his Super Advanced SUV that amazes Oscar when the vehicle itself wasn't on the market yet. Reuben was able to afford it thanks to the job he has in New York. After showing Oscar all the features his car has inside, loud funk music came booming from Ray Ray Proud, Sr.'s car and just as Ray Ray couldn't put on the brakes, Oscar, Reuben and Dr. Parker got out of the SUV just in time before the car crashes into it. This causes a fight between Reuben and Ray Ray to begin from inside The Proud Family House, where they argue about insurances.

Later he and Ray Ray were at the park arguing that Boonnetta moved during Red Light and after playing two games of football, the two men engage each other in a crazy fist fight.