Johnny Lovely[1] is a boy who showed up at a cotillion ball and wanted Penny Proud to dance with him[2].

All the girls were jealous of Penny, while the boys Sticky Webb, Omar Phillips, and Frankie White disliked him, until he won them over as friends. Johnny was eventually wrongly suspended from the school.

When his friends turned up at his address to apologize, they found out that it Johnny had never lived there. Which left them wondering if he ever even really existed. But two streets were named after him.

Johnny had all of the appearances of a 'ladies man' yet never actively tried to woe any of the girls. He acted in a polite, thoughtful and friendly manner with everyone he interacted with both girls and boys. He carried around a book with him that contained lessons on how to be 'lovely'. It was such a compelling read that a grouchy and rude old man began apologetic and polite after reading only a few pages.



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