Penny, Zoey, LaCienega, and Dijonay get a job working at a store. They soon get fired because someone stole a watch. They first think it was Little Wiz who did it. But then they find out it was BeBe and CeCe who stole it while Oscar Proud was looking at the place Penny works at. Meanwhile Oscar take BeBe and CeCe to the zoo, where Oscar gets beaten up by a gorilla.


  • when they find out that bebe and cece did it .oscer said they the twins should be could named Bonnie and Clyde, after the bank robbers
  • this is the 12th ep. in the 2nd season
  • the gorilla who beaten up Oscar was a mountain gorilla
  • this episode is the first ep to show Lacienega and Little Wiz in love, then break up.