Felix Boulevardez
Felix Boulevardez


 Felix Boulevardez is LaCienega's father, Sunset's husband, and Oscar Proud's best friend and neighbor.

Felix shares many of the same traits as Oscar in that he is loving and devoted husband, still likes to ogle other women, enjoys watching television, and gets nervous when his wife catches him at doing something that upsets her. He is also a big fan of Freddy Freedo.

He often gets into trouble with Oscar. He and Oscar have a lot in common: both have dominating wives; parents living in their homes, has Papi while Oscar has Suga Mama; and teenage daughters which they are very strict about them hanging out with boys.

The main differences between them is that Felix is short and heavyset while Oscar is tall and skinny. Also Felix richer and more successful than Oscar at everything, which that does not affect their friendship.





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