BeBe Jackson and CeCe Nicole Proud
Bebe and Cece What
Full Name

BeBe Proud
CeCe Proud


BeBe (male)
CeCe (female)

Resides in

1433 Kelly Rd. Wizville, CA

Eye Color

BeBe (unseen)
CeCe (brown)

Hair Color

BeBe (black)
CeCe (brown)


Oscar Proud (father)
Trudy Proud (mother)
Penny Proud (sister)

First Episode

"Bring It On"

Last Episode

"Psycho Duck"
"The Proud Family Movie"


BeBe & CeCe Proud are Penny's troublemaking one-year-old siblings.

BeBe is a boy with an afro and always has a bottle in his mouth, while CeCe is a girl with brown hair and a pink dress with pigtails. BeBe and CeCe are namesakes of the gospel music brother and sister duo, BeBe & CeCe Winans[citation needed]. BeBe is the older twin. They love Penny very much, but at points play too roughly with her. They are often seen playing with Puff, and most of the time, Puff ends up getting injured. CeCe and BeBe wear diapers.


  • Voiced by Tara Strong.
  • BeBe may also be named after the 1992 animated film Bébé's Kids, which was created by the same team that created The Proud Family. Also, CeCe resembles the character Pee-Wee from BeBe's Kids.