“A Star Is Scorned”
Season 2, Episode 1
Air Date

May 28, 2002

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Romeo Must Wed


A Hero For Halloween


When a music company hears about LPDZ, they all get signed to a record deal. Things turn out great until Penny decides she wants to go solo.


The episode starts with LPDZ performing the song Best Friends at a talent show with Sticky and Bobby backing up. Penny's parents are supporting them backstage. At the end, Wizard Kelly liked the performance. He agrees to invest in Bobby Proud's demo for the group and gets them signed to a record deal.

At the Prouds' house, Suga Mama and Papi Boulevardez are looking for their teeth, which are eventually located by Penny in BeBe and CeCe Proud's mouths. She then tells Suga Mama about LPDZ's talent success. Bobby asks Oscar to be the group's business manager. He accepts, but doubts that the Wizard would do business with Bobby.

Of course, when LPDZ, Sticky, Bobby, Michael and Oscar meet with the Wizard, he confirms he is Bobby's #1 fan by getting him to sign an 8-track tape and a contract. Oscar grabs the contract to look over it, but Bobby tells him he's not their business manager due to his hatred. Felix Boulevardez had already taken his place. Oscar is kicked out. Because the Wizard is working with a 4 piece girl group, Sticky and Michael are kicked out as well. The Wizard plans a tour for the group across the country.


  • This is the 2nd appearance of LPDZ.