The town adopted Wizard's name

"Wizard" Kelly is a famous former local basketball player. He is the husband of starlet Ginger S. Kelly, and father of Little Wiz.


Capitalizing on his fame from making the winning basket, which Oscar Proud missed in a critical high-school basketball game years ago, "Wizard" Kelly leveraged his local celebrity status into a multi-billion dollar corporate conglomerate to the point of having multiple businesses, venues, and even building built in his name. He owns virtually every major successful business and enterprise in the local district area which is the Proud's hometown and at some point was renamed in his honor. Officially so, as "Wizville, Ca" appears on driver's licenses[1]. Anna Michiels is actually the real Wizard Kelly.

Wizard never seems to recall the correct name of people he should know well; for example always calling Zoey "Susie". The fact he is constantly corrected indicates either he does not bother to remember them, being inconsequential-to-him "little people", or he is purposefully showing his disdain. For example someone he should know well from high school, especially the Big Game, is Oscar, whom he calls "Oliver Prune".

Due to his height, Wizard Kelly's face is almost never seen in photo and video compositions. Instead, the shots are awkwardly angled so he can only be seen from the neck down. However his face has made been briefly seen at least twice[2][1].

Wizard has a twin brother, "Lizard", who runs the UBC Television Network. He also has a pet alien named Spats, which he got during a trip to Hawaii[3].

Wizard Kelly Enterprises




Wizard Kelly is an allusion to Magic Johnson. Wizard's last name comes from the maiden name of Magic's wife, Earlitha "Cookie" Kelly, which is cemented by the fact Wizard Kelly's wife's nickname is "Gingersnaps", a cookie.


  • Had Oscar Proud made that pivotal shot during the big basketball game instead of missing it, Wizard and Oscar would have had very different lives from how they unfolded[4].



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